Wildstone League Sponsorship

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Advertise your Business & receive over $2,000 in Golf/Carts for only $1,085.
Here’s what you receive:
  • Passbook with Power Cart is included for 10 anytime rounds or 20 - 2 for 1 League and Twilight rounds.
  • League Advertising - Weekly Team advertising.
  • Weekly e-Blasts and signage highlighting the Business Sponsors.
  • Free Foursome including carts on your Sponsor League Day.
  • Free Foursome including carts on an Additional League Day.
  • Free Foursome including carts on the Final League day.
  • Players are eligible for $3,500 annual Prize Purse during League play.
Enjoy the benefits of Wildstone's Monday Golf League Sponsorship.  

It’s a great to way to get out on the golf course with staff & clients and it includes flexible passes, plus it's targeted Advertising for your Business all season long.  Your Passes will be filed for you in the Pro Shop.

Price is $1085 plus tax $1148.70 ($54.25 GST & $9.45 PST)